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Recession Diary part 7

Recession Diary part 6

Recession Diary part 5

Recession Diary part 4

The King

Recession Diary part 3

Recession Diary part 2

Recession Diary part 1

Skilur Hannes ekki tölfræði?

Real Friends

Why We're F*****d

Required Reading

The Bird Is The Word

Sound familiar?

Old Friends

If The Shoe Fits

Required Reading

Don't Panic

I Used Public Transportation Today

Lucky You

Kemur ekki á óvart

Iceland Can Be Hot

End of Summer

Iceland in Handball final after win over Spain

I´m old enough to get this

Kannski hafði ég einhver áhrif

Watch this

How cool is this

Judge Based On Behaviour

Ekki nokkur ástæða til þess að fá nálgunarbann

Olympics start

Why I Won't Travel to The US as a Tourist Anymore

7 Seconds of Separation

Íslenska krónan - best í heimi....

Got Extra Cash?

Why 350 is a number you need to know


Tell A Million

Cold Summer Nights

Adventure at an end

Wandering the streets of Bangkok

Bangkok is growing on me

My lucky break


Next stop Ko Tao

The Full Rainforest Experience

Feeling Sickly on Vacation

Bangkok er stór borg